Biblical advice for dating

According to the study, girls in a relationship are digitally victimized more often than boys, especially when the abuse is sexual.

Acts of sexual digital abuse are the second and third most-reported complaints.Digitally Speaking SEE ALSO: Dating Violence in Teen Years Can Have Lasting Impact Teenagers today use technology more frequently than previous generations.“The reason technology has made teen dating abuse easier is partly due to the amount of time our teens are spending using technology,” said Zweig.“We confirmed that it’s more likely that kids who were experiencing digital abuse also were experiencing other forms of teen dating violence, so it is indeed tool in the tool box of someone inclined to be abusive,” said Zweig.“Only 4 percent of the kids who said they were digitally abused experienced only that form of teen dating violence.” These ultra-connected teenagers are even more aware of who’s saying what about whom—and how quickly bad information can flow from one person to another.

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Both Baldwin and Zweig say having parents involved and aware of the how technology can be a tool in an abuser’s hands is key to helping teens avoid and report digital dating abuse.

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