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The approved list will also establish the order in which each quarter-dollar is released.

Quarter-dollars will be released at a rate of five per year beginning in 2010.

For simplicity, we’ll just focus on the over-0,000 group.

2018 marks the ninth year of the program and features the next five quarters.

Those folks will earn 24.1 percent of all income, and pay 43.6 percent of all personal federal income taxes, the Tax Policy Center figures.

Under either Obama or Clinton, they might pay even more.

Standards Order & Rate The national site quarter-dollars will be issued at a rate of five new designs each year in the order in which the selected sites were first established as a national site.

Step 1 The United States Mint will initiate the site selection process by contacting the chief executive of each host jurisdiction (State/District of Columbia/Territory) through a formal letter of request to identify one preferred and three ranked alternative national sites in his or her jurisdiction.

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