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To this you may add an outboard well, or a sailing rig, or both, or neither.

The outboard may be turned to steer the Southwester Dory, but tests suggest that the traditional stern-hung rudder is more efficient.

From the start, Harris anticipated that many Southwester Dories would be built solely for use as a motor launch.

The easily-driven dory hull, with a narrow waterline and fine ends, is suited to small outboards or electric motors.

They also make great comfortable seats---no sitting on the floor!

This is a boat you sit "in," not "on." Large storage compartments at the bow and stern provide dry stowage for over 12 cubic feet of gear.

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Upwind performance is excellent in all conditions, and the Scandinavian-style yoke-and-draglink helm is light as a feather.

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