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They call me late at night to talk — they know I’m always up at 12 a.m. If you say, “I’m 65,” or “94,” people calculate the time. But if you are who you are, you could be 20, you could be 100, and you are who you are and it comes across.

It was a very creative time and people weren’t afraid to be individuals. I have a child and I’m very happy to have him, but marriage is not for me. I have a huge amount of friends and a lot of close friends.

Americans are using social media in the context of work (whether to take a mental break on the job or to seek out employment), while also engaging in an ongoing effort to navigate the complex privacy issues that these sites bring to the forefront.

In addition to measuring the broad impact and meaning of social media, since 2012 the Center has also tracked the specific sites and platforms that users turn to in the course of living their social lives online.

(I think you will.) I don’t have a favorite part of aging because I don’t even think about it. It gave me a new way of thinking that I’ve built on ever since. I exercise, I do my yoga, I eat well, I take a lot of supplements. Like, tell me what the children are doing — I’d be delighted to hear — but don’t give me the whole scenario. When I talk to young people, I learn things from them. When I married my first husband (I was about 25), we decided we didn’t want children. It was the perfect decision for me, and most people I know that made the same one are still happy about it. I think if I lived in Ohio or something (where I’m from) life wouldn’t be as exciting. I always tolerated it, sometimes with hysteria and with fights and not seeing him for a year, but then, five years ago she moved to Charlottesville, where we have a farm — she’s a lawyer and feisty — and that became unbearable. Now I’m just very tired of him being who he became. Men can sleep with a younger woman who could be their daughter and everybody says, “Oh he’s so great, he’s a nice guy, he got this very young woman, she could be his daughter.” But when a woman wants to sleep with a man her son’s age, “Oh my god, she has this very young guy, is he crazy? ” I am looked at, I know it, with desire and sexuality, but that is so alien here.

I walked away from our conversation with a dopey smile, wondering if I could rope her into a weekly lunch. But as long as the brain is alright and you can go forward, that’s the most important thing. That you have the knowledge to say, “Oh yes, I did that, I went through that, I understand that, so I don’t have to obsess like some people do 24/7.” You don’t obsess so much and you just say, “I’m just going to do it,” you know? I have no regrets about me and what I’ve chosen and what I’ve done and who I am today. She didn’t have to die, but she had a bladder infection on a weekend and being Jewish, she didn’t call the doctor because of her guilt. My dad died at 62 of stomach cancer and in today’s world he’d be alive. Just don’t repeat what you know you did wrong, “Okay that was a shit relationship, forget it, I’m not going to go for that again,” and then really be cautious. I also like that you can find yourself with clothes.

In that context, a national survey of 1,520 adults conducted March 7-April 4, 2016, finds that Facebook continues to be America’s most popular social networking platform by a substantial margin: Nearly eight-in-ten (79%) now use Facebook, more than double the share that uses Twitter (24%), Pinterest (31%), Instagram (32%) or Linked In (29%).

On a total population basis (accounting for Americans who do not use the internet at all), that means that 68% of all U. adults are Facebook users, while 28% use Instagram, 26% use Pinterest, 25% use Linked In and 21% use Twitter.

What follows is a deeper examination of the current state of the social media landscape in America.

Roughly eight-in-ten online Americans (79%) now use Facebook, a 7-percentage-point increase from a survey conducted at a similar point in 2015.

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