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Posttrauma conditions such as PTSD occur in the aftermath of a significant trauma (where trauma is defined as exposure to some event that involves the threat or reality of death (either one's own or another's)).Not all abuse situations get this scary, but many are disturbing enough in one fashion or another to make a lasting impact on a person's mind.Alternatively, sexual promiscuity may be observed with the increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy that such behavior carries.Severe abuse can even lead the victim to contemplate suicide or carry out suicidal impulses.Posttrauma victim's attempts at avoidance of trauma-related things can push them towards impulsive actions that less frantic people would avoid.PTSD victims commonly abuse drugs, for instance, and this drug use is thought to begin as a means of coping with trauma.Third, posttrauma victims become very anxious and jumpy after their trauma.As should be clear from thoughtful contemplation of these symptoms, PTSD can be a very debilitating condition.

The first photo of Penny Wood-Rusterholz (left) was snapped in 1998.The second photo is from 2002But Tazewell County State's Attorney Stewart Umholtz decided to offer an alternative.He would put Wood-Rusterholz on probation on condition that she abstain from drugs and also allow the use of two mug shots. It shows Wood-Rusterholz before her descent into meth addiction looking healthy and radiant as a 36-year-old woman.Abuse can result in poor self-esteem, which can lead to a lack of close and trusting relationships or to body image issues (particularly for sexual abuse victims), which in turn can result in eating disorders, which can be seen as victims' attempts at self-control in one small part of life when they otherwise feels completely out of control and vulnerable.It is important to note that abuse alone is not sufficient to create psychological disorders.

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