Pink cams liquidating vs nonliquidating distributions

(The size corresponds to the orifice size, measured in thousandths of an inch.) The stock shooters are 99% of the time inadequate and you'll experience a bog when you "punch" the throttle.

We're not quite sure why Holley selects these shooters, but it's the first thing you should change.

Other Tuning Tools: The key to tuning your Holley for more power is to make changes that you can measure consistently.

The track or dyno are very useful but have their limitations.

There are three parts to the accelerator pump mechanism on Holley's The pump diaphragm, the pump cam, and the discharge nozzle. Pump cams come in five different colors, each cam has three locating holes.The more knowledgeable you become about your Holley, through reading the various books and trying your own changes, the more power and economy you will find.As we said before, the greatest benefit to Holley carbs is that they are so precisely tunable for a specific engine combination.Power-valves are designed to provided enrichment during high-load/low vacuum conditions.A general rule of thumb is to pick a power-valve with a rating half of the engine manifold vacuum at idle. Hg valve which is typically good for cars with 14-18 inches of vacuum.

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