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An explanation for this case has never been determined.

The map also organizes the sightings by month, year, and day, showing when the reports were most frequent.

Ayesha Vardag, President of family law firm Vardags, said that everything Abramovich built during his 10-year marriage will be shared equally with Dasha.

She said: 'Roman Abramovich is by far the most prominent of Britain's Russian billionaires and like many of his fellow countrymen he will be well-aware that a divorce in the London courts could be far more costly than one in Moscow.'The English courts start from the position that marriage is a partnership – and the starting point will be that everything built up during the marriage will be shared equally.' Both Dasha and the publication were accused of racism and she later released a statement saying: 'This photograph, which has been published completely out of context, is of an art work intended specifically as a commentary on gender and racial politics.

Another, from Tillamook Oregon, said they saw 'One mother ship with four smaller destinct [sic] satellite objects moving randomly,' on January 18, 2009.

There are countless practical explanations for strange lights appearing in the sky or even in photos captured in space.

Sightings of UFOs appear to be on the rise, and now an interactive map can reveal whether 'aliens' have been seen in your area.

Celebrities including Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are among those who have partied on the boat, which is reputed to cost £50 million to operate and maintain each year Football club owner Abramovich could be set for a costly divorce battle, experts have warned.

In one report from Ohio, a worker even claimed he could not account for half an hour of his night after a bizarre encounter.

The agency said that these documents appeal to both skeptics and believers – the Scullys and Mulders of the world – who seek to prove scientific explanations, or confirm the existence of extraterrestrial activity.

Upon investigation, he found a shiny object the size of a sedan perched on the hilltop, which was oval in shape and aluminium in color.

The object then began to rise into the air and then sped away from him over the mountains and disappeared.

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