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As the intensity of the contractions picked up, I decided to call my midwife and let her know we may be coming in to the birth center soon.

Toward the end, I did bite down on a towel with the contractions.He was asleep in the next room- I had not made a peep, so he had no idea I was in labor.I didn't really want to have a contraction outside of the tub, so I just called him from in the water. the sensations were extremely intense, but not painful, not negative.As my pregnancy progressed, my already volatile relationship deteriorated into all out warfare. Stuck under the same roof as a now hostile force, with literally no one but my mother close enough to be there for me. She was confident about birth, Ina May was confident about birth in her book... I never doubted, I never feared, I just understood what my body was going to do and that the only part I had control over was how I chose to react to it. I went past my "due date", but I had anticipated that anyway.My midwife had me come in for a non-stress test on December 16th, and I am actually really grateful for that.

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