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I usually save up for my trips to Niagara Falls and get a couple hrs at a time with a girl or multiple girls.

Bottom line is, if you live close to Canada, get a passport and I recommend a trip up., but from I am reading here, I am willing to try it. I was on a streak as I vetted the ladies to my hotel room, but my last BP experience was horrible. Topping off that she would not do anything with me other than to keep me company for the 30 minutes I paid her.

I think both have their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their exceptions. It's not totally legal in Canada now but it's more legal then here at least.

My best place for an here is in Philly which is still about a 2 and half hr drive away.

This story is for when you have to haggle over the price for what type of service is rendered. So instead of getting into the specifics numbers, let’s talk about the psychology of negotiation.

Try to keep things light and have a soft tone when negotiating on the price.

With and spa, you can go in kind of window shop and if the merchandise is not up to your standards, you move on to the next possible spa. You are locked into an agreement with her, unless you're a real jerk and walk out after agreeing to meet her.

At a spa, I have actually changed providers during a session because I was disatisfied with the service.

So should u negotiate upfront ahead of time or wait til the flip? You don’t want to be ripped off and she doesn’t want to be a cheap crack whore.However, the price was above what I usually pay for escorts.I've been lucky with BP in that I have met some pretty good providers for great prices.Google their number, if they don't have much of a past or none at all, stay away. And I can't choose for her to wear lingerie and heels, or to have a particular body type I like.Even then, there is risk for getting ripped off, or getting shitty service. If you have the means and opportunity and play it safe the reward can be worth it, at least IMO. I personally think the spa route is more favorable to me.

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What I like to do is place the tip in plain view of the provider before the massage, like on the corner of the massage table.

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