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Both married to other people, Nick and I had been having an affair for over 18 months. I couldn't live with myself if I hurt my wife that much. If I went ahead and told my husband I'd been having an affair, I knew I'd be risking facing life alone as a single mother.

Steve has never been the suspicious type, and as my job involves a lot of socialising, he never inquired closely about where I was going or who I was going to meet.'Angry, betrayed and terrifyingly insecure': Caroline's shock on hearing the man she loved was not going to leave his wife (picture posed by models) The shock and the pain of hearing that the man I loved was not, as he'd promised me, going to leave his wife, felt like a physical blow. Desperately, I pleaded: 'We promised each other, Nick! Desperate for his reassurance, I reached out and clung to his arm. For over 18 months, ever since I'd first met again with Nick - a former boyfriend of my sister's - at a press launch, I'd thought of little else but the growing intensity of my feelings for him.Even though we were both married and hadn't seen one another for more than seven years, it felt completely right for us to be together.“He was investigated, he was litigated, he was impeached, he had finally, after lying about the affair, admitted it, apologized—multiple times, in a very heartfelt way, privately as well as publicly—and the country forgave him.” Tapper then reminded Begala that the Lewinsky scandal wasn’t the only sex scandal that occurred during Clinton’s presidency.“But that’s one of the many allegations against him.

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Liberals and the media have come to the painful realization that Clinton’s past misdeeds should and would be treated differently under today’s standards and that his behavior towards women as president was far worse than they led the public to believe.

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