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We have even less information regarding the early 10th century kings.

Even Adam of Bremen is obliged to admit that it is uncertain how many kings reigned in Denmark during this period A clearer picture of Danish history emerges from the mid-10th century with the accession of King Gorm den Gamle/the Old. Denmark started to extend its territorial influence under Gorms son King Harald I, who invaded Norway in 965 and imposed his nominee as regent for the Norwegian king.

However, during the second half of the 9th century the picture becomes much less clear.

As will be seen in Chapter 1 of this document, little is known about some of the late 9th century kings beyond their names.

Their followers eventually settled in Friesland, where Godefrid was appointed duke in 882.

During the first half of the 9th century, Denmark appears to have been a unified kingdom under a single ruler, but this unity quickly fell apart.

The family of the early Danish rulers can be reconstructed with reasonable certainty from the available sources, assuming that they accurately report the events and family relationships.The Chronicon Roskildense records that "Haraldus rex Danorumfrater eius Hericus et uxor regis" was baptised in 826 at Mainz by "Othgario archiepiscopo"The Annales Bertiniani record that "Godefridus, Herioldi Dani filius", who had been baptised at Mainz during the reign of Emperor Louis, defected from Emperor Lothar in 852, raided Frisia, and sailed up the Scheldt and the Seine.The Annales Fuldenses record that "Nordmanni Godafredo duce" sailed up the Seine in 850 and that Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks granted him territory, without specifying where this was The Annales Bertiniani record that "Roric et Godofridus" returned to Denmark after Emperor Lothaire gave Frisia to his son Lothaire in 855, but recovered most of Frisia at the end of the same year, establishing themselves at Dorestad The Annales Fuldenses names "Nortmannorumcum ipsis regibus Sigifredo et Godofrido, principis Vurm, Hals" when recording a Viking attack in 882, in another manuscript recording the baptism of "Gotafridum" and that he was given "comitatus et benefice qua Rorich Nordmannusin Kinnin [Kennemerland]" held from the Frankish kings, illegitimate daughter of LOTHAIRE II King of Lotharingia [Carolingian] & his mistress Waldrada --- ([860/65]-[21 May/26 Oct] 907).Einhard's Annales record that "Harioldus et Reginfredus reges Danorum" who, in the previous year had been expelled from Denmark by "filiis Godofredi", attacked again in 814 but "Reginfridus et unus de filiis Godofredi qui maior natu erat" were killed while "Herioldus" sought protection from the emperor.Einhard's Annales record that the Saxons and Abotrites, with "Baldrico" imperial legate, crossed "Aegidoram fluvium in terram Nordmannorum vocabulo Sinlendi" in 815 to help the deposed Harald King of Denmark, when he was given the territory of Rstringen on the mouth of the Weser in upper Frisia, the first portion of Frankish land to be ceded to the Danes.

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