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I've put together a quick comparison of the timelines of the shows and where they cross.

For the episodes in between the cross-over points, you can watch each series straight through if you want.

There's your prerequisite "52" mention out of the way early again. That's a relatively common street name, but it could be a little nod to Oliver Queen, who stars in The Flash's sister show, Arrow.

Ladder 52 - One of the firetrucks that responds to the fire in the beginning of the episode is named Ladder 52. Hex's Gun Shop - The gun shop robbed at the beginning of the episode is named Hex's Gun Shop.

I did it for myself so I thought why not share it in case other people found the other posts too hard to read like myself.

The Flash, S01E01 — Pilot Thank you for your interest in this question.

If you're interested, there's a very spoilery explanation here: In between which episodes of Arrow did this episode of Flash happen?

So, if you prefer watching one show at a time, you really only need to pay attention to the places where the stories meet.

352 Miles per hour - Cisco notes that Barry's speed hits 352 miles per hour at the beginning of the episode.If I miss something, feel free to comment or shoot me a Tweet at @OH_IGW, and I'll gladly add it in and credit you.If you enjoy this column, be sure to check out Arrow Annotations, which discusses similar references over on watch the episodes interleaved get the full story.In fact, there is at least once case where that will be a bit confusing: the timelines of the two series remain mostly in sync with each other for the first 2/3 or the season, but sometime between episodes 9 and 15, .

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