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Badly fitted shoes can bring on foot, posture and walking problems later in life, so it’s important to get it right.If you can’t make it into the shop for a proper fitting, you can buy a foot measuring device – called a size gauge – or else many brands offer online guides to fitting shoes correctly, or easy-to-follow videos, which show, for example, how to measure feet using A4 paper, by drawing around the foot with their heel against the wall, and then matching the measurement with their brand’s sizing.Our little tester found these perfect for clambering around on holiday in Spain as they are so lightweight, with a soft leather lining that makes them breathable in hot weather.The designs come in every colour of the rainbow, ranging from laidback to eye-catching.These also come in a very cool camouflage design, with sizes ranging from 0-6 (EU 16), 6-12 (EU 18) and 12-18 (EU 20).

But it is important for them to have a trainer that is well-fitted, with good support in the heel.

Unlike some of the cheaper trainers, they offer good support in the heel, so they can be worn for longer periods of time – and they’re flexible, which means they’re ideal for little ones who are just learning to walk. These come in a range of colours – including this party-ready red version – and there is an option to customise, allowing you to choose graphics and colours, and also add a name or date to the tongue.

Buy now You can’t go wrong with a pair of Converse, and this style is a classic.

These are ideal for babies learning to walk who are not quite ready for harder soles because the whole shoe is made of soft nappa leather, handmade in an Italian factory.

A tip is to cut the laces so they are not quite so long, or else you might be forever tying them again.

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The only trouble with having children is that you have to buy them a new pair of shoes about every three months until they are five or six years old.

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