The rod bolts were stock but will be replaced with ARP items.Rods also have marks where they have been linished or ground so I'm thinking someone has tried to balance the engine.Ordered Supertec head studs today Split the case today and it's had quite a lot of windage/knife edging/boat tailing done to it.

Good luck Ross Hi Johnsjmc, thanks for that, I'll drop Steve Weiner an email first thing in the new year, we're talking about the Rennsport Steve Weiner right?The 993 int was increased and 993 RS incresed both valves.The 993 exhaust side flow is helped by the already free flowing HEs .Marc, 9m rockers do look great but the price tag puts it on the unrealistic wish list! Perhaps the larger valves will come closer together when fully opened as they are pointed at each other because of the shape of the hemi combustion chamber.Talk to Steve Weiner he has much experience with these engines.

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